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1. John Skjervem, chief investment officer for Northern Trust's personal financial services business, says the bear market was the catalyst for a big change in attitudes towards performance.

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2. Examine public knowledge of, and attitudes towards, the work of the PCO

3. Education, income, occupation, out of pocket payment and attitudes towards COPD had significant impact on patients` choice of community health services.

4. By reviewing and analyzing the history of US`s attitude towards business method patents, this article argues that the deep-seated reason of different attitudes of different countries towards business method patents is the national economic benefit balance in different periods.
摘 要:本文结合分析美国对商业方法专利态度的历史嬗变,认为一国对商业方法专利采取不同态度的深层原因是不同时期国家对相关经济利益的平衡需要。

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5. Objective To understand the knowledge of and attitudes towards drug abuse and ban on drug use among students of senior high school, normal school, and secondary vocational school in Wenling City so as to provide a basis for developing relevant strategies.
陈公白 陈宇雷沈林丽陈慎陈小香目的了解学校禁毒健康教育状况,为加强学校禁毒教育提供依据。方法在温岭市选择高中、师范、职中三所学校2979名学生进行问卷调查。

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6. This phenomenon results from people's two attitudes towards the Emperor Yan: scientism and fideism.

7. And the study on their self-certain appearance and dressing styles can make the university get further information about the student`s attitudes towards dressing and manners.

8. This paper intends to investigate how Zhu's different texts reflect her different attitudes towards death. In her earlier works, she tries to beautify death; later she reveals the anxiety and puzzlement brought by death.

9. It is generally believed that people with high EQs are open to new ideas and have positive attitudes towards life.

10. I've been collecting a lot of data about attitudes and behaviors towards early stage investing in today's tumultuous and uncertain market environment.

11. According to the prescription of criminal law, scholars in our country hold denial attitudes towards joint negligence crime.

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12. To answer this question, we investigated rural loan-tellers'attitudes towards this question.

13. This report investigate the students` attitudes towards setting up a night snack bar.

14. Nice attitudes towards life, like soft wood, can help you float on the water; Badattitudestowards life, like lead, can make you down.

15. Attitudes towards是什么意思

15. Objective This paper aimed at finding out the middle shool students'degree of acquaintance with knowledge on health as well as their attitudes towards education in health.

16. On the results of domestic and international studies and the survey data, This paper discusses the role of such factors as demographic factors on the consumers`preference of media and their attitudes towards the media, identifies the main factors in forming the consumers`s attitudes towards the media and analyzes how such attitudes react to the other result of consumer socialization, thus, from a wider aspect, studies the influences of the media on the consumer socialization.

17. In Lithuania, I was asked: what's Britain doing to change attitudes towards prostitution?

18. He is perpetually baffled by what, to his Western ears, sound like contradictory attitudes: the Russians he meets are sophisticated, acquisitive and yet cynical to the point of hostility towards democracy.

19. Teachers, parents and experts take diverse attitudes towards this issue.

20. The modern Women's Movement first started in America in 1964 has changed the thinking of women and the attitudes of men towards women.

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