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1. 要知道很多站长做了一年的网站,看了众多优化的文章和经验,保持天天更新和丰富多彩的平面,全面的功能,一天上万IP的流量还是遥不可及,但丘仕达仅仅凭借一个页面就能立足与百度超流量要害词很好的排名,可谓是有很强的技术性和扎实的SEO技术。
Want the website that knows a lot of stationmaster were done one year, looked numerous optimized article and experience, maintain update the plane with rich and colorful everyday, comprehensive function, the discharge of 10 thousand IP or Yao cannot reach one sky, dan Qiushi is amounted to depend on a page merely can base oneself upon and Baidu transcend the rank with discharge very good keyword, it may be said is to have very strong technical with sound SEO technology.

2. 其中影响中国队速度的原因是多方面的,主要有以下几方面:抢断球数量过少,进攻战术过于单一,过分依赖中锋,外线不敢果断进攻,身体素质差,基本功不扎实,防守理念偏差和防守战术的落后,受原联赛的影响攻击性差,在高水平比赛中发挥受到限制。
The reasons that influence the speed of our team are various, but the main aspects are the following ones: there are few rebound and vie for intercepting; aggression tactics is unitary; the other players too much depend on the centers; outside line cannot assume the offensive decisively; Our players are not as strongly built as the foreigners; they do not have a good grasp of the basic skills; defense concept and tactics are backward; players cannot develop strong attacks, so with the influence of the former league matches, our players are restricted in the high-level matches.

3. 扎实的什么意思

3. 程开训认为就兆讯现在来讲,前期的跑马圈地使兆讯实现了网络的迅速扩大和网络广泛的覆盖,这个媒体平台已经相对来讲够大,要把圈地暂停下来,把媒体做扎实。
Cheng Siu on the start of training that's now speaking, the Happy Valley early to Katherine's enclosure to achieve the rapid expansion of the network and the extensive network coverage, the media platforms have been relatively large enough, it is necessary enclosure suspended from the media So solid.

4. Acme是一支充满创新精神和激情的团队,由来自人民大学商学院四个不同专业的四名个性鲜明的成员组成:热情开朗组织能力极强的队长刘鹏,聪慧敏捷富有创新思维的锺意,踏实认真会计基础扎实的黄祥,高效务实表达能力极强的谭李。
Acme is a team full of innovation and passion.

5. 研究结果表明,中国足球与国外强队间有较大的差距,这个差距是全方位的。具体表现在技术动作掌握不好,基本功不扎实,射门、传球、抢截、控球等能力不强;体能不好,不能适应快节奏比赛的需要;比赛中缺少一种一往无前、英勇拼搏的进取精神;因教练员的来源存在问题,各梯队的教练员水平较低;青少年球员培养选材的方式方法有较大缺陷,成年队很难找到各方面能力都较强的球员。
Researches show that the lack of Chinese football is omnidirectional, which embodies in the following aspects: lacking of technical and basic football skills, especially the poor ability in goaling, controlling and block tackle; lacking of stamina, which makes the players can't catch up with the match's speed; lacking of go all out spirit; moreover, there are problems in hiring and training coaches, which are the reasons why the teaching level is so low in China; the way of selecting and training players is so unreasonable that it is difficult to find suitable and perfect players for our national team.

6. 曾在海外奋斗十余年的吴生文,在医药领域拥有扎实的技术和丰富的管理经验。
Strive overseas has more than ten years at the Wu-wen, in the field of medicine has a solid technical and management experience.

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7. 在知识经济时代,我深知知识的重要,因此在大学期间,刻苦学习各种专业知识,并努力培养提高专业技能,打下了扎实的基础。
In addition, i have been trying my best to broaden my knowledge scope and i have gained rich teaching experience from my past-time jobs as a tutor and also in newman english language training school.

8. 911查询·英语单词

8. 本专业把船舶动力机械,电力系统与自动化融合于一体,形成基础理论扎实,专业知识宽广的专业模式;知识技能的传授注重理论与实践的有机结合和人才综合素质的培养;毕业生不仅受船舶行业的青睐,而且对非船舶行业也有很强的适应能力。
This program is the combination of Dynamic Mechanic, Electric Power system and Marine Automation, thus forming a specialty pattern of solid basic theory and wide knowledge of specialty.

9. 中国经济的快速发展与社会体制的深化改革,迫切需要一大批既具备扎实的理论基础,又熟悉企业的市场运作的商界精英。
With the sharp development of Chinese economy and the further reformation of social system, there is a urgent demand of business talents who are master both in theory and market running.

10. 我们在传动系统方面有扎实的专业知识和现场工作技能。
We have a solid connection in the transmission of professional knowledge and on-site job skills.

11. 为扎实推动此项工作,会上,海口市副市长朱寒松就下一阶段的消防专项整治工作提出要求,一要进一步落实部门联动机制。
Is promotes this work solidly, at the meeting, Haikou Deputy Mayor Zhu Hansong sets the request on the next stage's fire special improvement work, one must further carry out the department linkage mechanism.

12. 他们中有许多是从事白蚁防治、防化灭害多年实践工作的专家、工程师和技师;他们不仅具备丰富的实践经验而且又有扎实对口的专业理论基础。
Many of them are engaged in termite control, anti-chemical warfare Miehai years of practical work of experts, engineers and technicians who not only has a wealth of practical experience and professional counterparts have a solid theoretical foundation.

13. 扎实的的意思

13. 无铅玻璃粉体也以扎实的合成的合成工艺。
Lead-free glass powders were also synthesized with a solid synthesis process.

14. 泰辰自创建以来,至诚为本,客户至上,务实求变,创造卓越,以前瞻的发展理念,扎实奋进、开拓创新,以其优质高效的运作技能、专业智慧的优势,赢得了社会各界的信赖和欣赏。
Such good characters as forge ahead, innovation sound and efficient operating technology and the advantages of profession wisdom have won the trust and appreciation of the community.

15. 新中国成立五十多年来,在国家的大力支持下,新疆进行了大规模的投资建设,1950年至2001年,全社会固定资产投资累计完成5015.15亿元,其中中央投资2662.23亿元,占同期全社会投资的53.1%;累计建成投产项目9万多个,其中包括178个大中型项目和一大批对新疆经济发展有重大影响的项目,为支持新疆经济的持续增长奠定了扎实的基础。
A whole slue of preferential and special policies have been adopted to ensure the smooth implementation of these plans.

16. 相反 ,直觉需要实践和扎实的基础,需要理论和实践经验的基础。
It needs both the support of theory and the experience of practice.

17. 在他专门的研究领域里,他的基础很扎实。
He is fundamentally strong in his area of expertise.

18. 扎实的的近义词

18. 经过多年的努力,公司取得了良好的业绩,为未来的发展奠定了扎实的基础。
After many years of efforts, the company achieved good results, for future development has laid a solid foundation.

19. 最重要的还是在基础中有扎实的根基。
There are hundreds of questions you can prepare.

20. 奠定扎实的基础是第一步,也是最
Laying a strong foundation is the first and most important step.

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