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1. 要茶厂附近向场外搭起高2.5米,宽4米的晒青架,架上面用厚竹片编成水平的顶栅,上铺竹席摊叶,摊叶厚度 2.5~3厘米,萎凋过程中翻拌1~2次,使萎凋均匀。
To be erected outside the tea factory near the high 2.5 m wide and 4 meters of drying green frame, frame above the level of thick bamboo compiled the top gate, capped with mats spread leaves, leaf spread thickness 2.5~3 cm, wilt the process of turning mixed with 1~2 times, so wilt evenly.

2. 多年来,全市茶叶生产已大幅茶的中间没有原料,高品质的茶厂,在末茶片作为废物,夏天没有人采摘茶叶,茶极端废物弃置市场资源的问题。
Over the years, the city tea production has been substantial in the middle of tea There is no market for raw materials, high-quality tea factory at the end tea tablets were discarded as waste, summer and no one picking tea, tea extreme waste of resources problem.

3. 前身佛海茶厂成立于1940年,是我国第一家拥有机械制茶设备的专业化茶企业。
Factory of tea of predecessor Buddha sea held water 1940, it is our country has what machinery makes tea equipment the first times to specialization tea company.

4. 我们是云南的普洱茶专业生产厂家——勐养国艳茶厂,相信借助我们优质的普洱茶产品,您我之间会建立起一座永久的友谊之桥
MengYang GuoYan Tea factory is a specialized factory to produce Puerh Tea.

5. 宁海县望府茶业有限公司是一家集茶叶生产、加工、销售于一体的宁波市级农业龙头企业、中国农业科学院茶叶研究所农业部茶叶质检中心的定点企业,,下设望府有机茶研究所、望府楼茶场、达蓬山茶场、望府楼茶厂
Ninghai Wangfu Tea Co., Ltd is specialized of the tea in manufacturing, processing and saleing. It is a recommended enterprise of tea quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Agriculture, being one of the head agricultural enterprises in Ningbo. it owns wangfulou organic tea research institute, wangfulou tea plantation, Dapengshan tea plantation, wangfulou tea factory.

6. 茶厂

6. 兴建云河绿羽茶厂,厂房面积2000平方米,不仅能加工茶叶基地生产的茶叶,且能对外加工。
Project Content: To establish Yunhe Luyu Tea Factory about 2000 m2 for both internal tea processing from the base, and external processing.

7. 心远茶厂在剑斗铁观音大力开发新茶园之前,就联合本地制茶能手共同合作,在三角洋开垦80亩新茶园,一年后又投入120亩,地处三角洋优质片区,毗邻原始森林,四季雾气环绕,阳光充足,四周有天然山泉水可供应灌溉,益虫及鸟类众多,具备原始生态环境之天然条件;茶园管理专人负责,经验丰富,具备绿色环保意识,常年到农家收购农家粪便肥料,采集森林肥料,自制植物药品,尽量不用或少用化学肥料及农药,目前茶树长势良好,为附近茶山种植者之仿效对象。
Xin-yuan tea factory in the sword fighting vigorously to develop new Tieguanyin before tea on the joint co-operation of local tea master, in the triangular Yang reclaimed 80 acres of new tea plantations, a year later into 120 acres, is located in Triangle Area-yang quality, adjacent primeval forest, surrounded by mist seasons, plenty of sunshine, surrounded by a natural mountain spring water supply for irrigation, many beneficial insects and birds, have the original ecological environment of the natural conditions; tea garden management personnel responsible, experienced and have the green environmental awareness, all the year round to farmers to buy farm manure fertilizer, collecting forest fertilizer, plant-made pharmaceuticals, or less as far as possible without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, is currently growing tea is good, at the vicinity of the modeled object Chashan growers.

8. 现在,普洱茶的种植面积很广泛,已经扩大到云南省的大部分地区,以及贵州省、广西省、广东省及四川省的部分地区,原属普洱县管辖的云南澜沧江流域的西双版纳傣族自制州、思茅等地是普洱茶的最主要产区,其中又以勐海海县勐海茶厂的产量最大。
Now, the tea growing area is very extensive, has been expanded to most parts of Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province, Guangxi, Guangdong and parts of Sichuan Province, formerly under the jurisdiction of Pu'er county in Yunnan Xishuangbanna Lancang River basin states made, Simao and other places is the main tea-producing areas, especially sea Mengla Menghai County's largest tea factory production.

9. 衷心希望能够和一家和几家茶厂或经销商合作,共同发展、共叙友谊。
Sincerely hope to be able and a tea factory or dealer and several cooperation and common development, friendship.

10. 我方愿意和有实力或有强茶叶产品的茶厂或经销商合作经销!!!
We are willing and have the strength or product has strong tea tea factory or dealer distribution cooperation!!!

11. 愿意合作的茶厂或经销商,欢迎来人、来电考查。
Willingness to co-operate tea factory or dealer, welcomed the visitor, call test.

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12. 在广大茶厂和茶农的实际应用中获得一致好评。
In the vast tea factory and tea farmers in the practical application of unanimous praise.

13. 茶厂的翻译

13. 大益是勐海茶厂,也是普洱茶涨跌的先锋,在2007每首次评出十大品牌,大益的茶带动普洱茶猛涨,这涨是不正常现象,是有人在被后炒作的,祸是大益起,但茶品还行,不易猛追,价格过高,同等级,年份一般高出其它厂家的1-2倍。
Great interest is Menghai tea factory, tea and Down is a pioneer of solo in 2007, ten of each brand, big benefits of tea tea led surge, this rose is not normal, after someone has been speculation in the, the disaster is large benefits from, but the tea was okay, not easy to go after, the price is too high, the same class, year, usually 1-2 times higher than the other manufacturers.

14. 茶厂是什么意思

14. 三年前她曾在伦敦一家茶厂工作,工资很低。
She used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory in London.

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15. 大部分武夷山茶厂都可以作为本网站的合作伙伴。
Most of Wuyi tea factory can be used as this website partners.

16. 她曾在斯里兰卡一家茶厂挣一份微薄的工资。
She used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory in Sri Lanka.

17. 茶厂

17. 三年前她曾在伦敦一家茶厂工作,工资很低。
Three years ago, she used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory near London

18. 熟普普洱茶在制作过程中经过渥堆发酵使茶性趋向温和,称谓熟茶。1973年勐海茶厂与昆明茶厂联合研制渥堆发酵法成功之后,当年昆明茶厂生产的茶砖因其茶汤金黄润泽,参枣味浓郁,倍受普洱茶人推崇。
This refers to the mild Pu'er tea processed by pile fermentation.

19. 安徽祁门一带是古老茶区,唐代就盛产茶,当时祁门一带皆出产绿茶,制法与六安茶相似,到清代光绪元年,有一名叫余干臣的黟县人,从福建罢官回籍经商,因见红茶畅销利厚,便先在至德县尧渡街设立红茶庄,仿效闽江制法,试制红茶成功,另一种说法,认为祁门改制红茶是从胡元龙开始的,胡元龙为祁门南乡贵溪人,因见当时绿茶销路不景气,红茶畅销,于1976年开设日顺茶厂,仿制红茶成功。
Anhui Keemun tea area is the ancient Tang Dynasty on the rich tea are produced around that time Keemun tea, tea manufacturing method and Luan similar to the first year of the Qing dynasty, there is a minister of the Yi called Yugan County, forced to resign from the Fujian home business, he saw thick black-selling profits, they start crossing the street in D'County, the establishment of black tea Yao Chuang, follow the Min River system, France, the successful trial of black tea, another way of saying that the Keemun black tea is from Hu Yuanlong restructuring began, Hu Yuanlong to Qimen Nango Guixi who was due to see sluggish sales of green tea, black tea sold in tea factory in 1976 to open on smooth, successful imitation of black tea.

20. 湖南湘潭市君子莲茶厂位于河东大道,创建于1988年2月8日,是一个拥有高山有机茶叶基地3108亩,注册资金218.8万元,全厂职工128人,是一个从小到大、从种植到加工的生产厂家。
Xiangtan City of Hunan gentleman Lin tea factory in Hedong Road, was founded in February 8, 1988, with a mountain of organic tea base 3108 acres, the registered capital of 2.188 million yuan, the whole plant employees 128 people, is a small to large, from cultivation Processing to the manufacturer.

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